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Call for Papers:

For the next CAMP ADGE (October 9, 1999) we have chosen the following motto:


The scenery in which applications are conceived, designed, created, and soldis in the midst of a formidable change. Everybody akin to prosper in such a mutated landscape is well advised to adapt his/her personal or corporate business model to a new and probably hostile environment.

New success is built on new visions. What we therefore would like to present the developer community are stories of former visions and how they came to reality, future visions and how they will beget the visionaries, or of a vision somebody is in the midst of having.

Obviously it's not the narrative of the successful implementation of an idea the attendees will be after. Although nobody minds a well told story, it is however the conclusions to be taken from such tales and how hey can be adapted to the auditors' individual circumstances that will be of premier interest.

If you'd like to give a presentation, please contact with an abstract, information about the time and ressources you need.

We need this until September 3, 1999 latest in order to arrange the conference program!

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