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ADGE, the AutoCAD Developers Group Europe (and beyond) publishes technical documents about AutoCAD application development.

CAMP ADGE Conference Material

  • Proceedings of the 17th CAMP ADGE, Copenhagen, May 1999 (CD-ROM only, CHF 80)
    Features of the ObjectARX Wizards
    Dolly Tales, Part III: Collaborating Objects
    Custom Entities in the Real World
    Deep Cloning in AutoCAD
    AutoCAD Controls Programming
    AJaX: the AutoCAD Java eXtension
    Input Point API
    DIESEL is better than gazoline

  • Proceedings of the 16th CAMP ADGE, Frankfurt, October 1998 (book only, CHF 60)
    How to tend a flock of Dollies
    Map Production Tools for the 1999 South African Election
    Problem Management via Internet - no problem
    COM as COM can
    How to use MFC functionality in DCL dialogs
    C++ globals as static member variables
    Use of a CASE tool under AutoCAD

  • Proceedings of the 15th CAMP ADGE, Munich, May 1998 (book only, CHF 60)
    ObjectARX for AEC
    The IAI - Latest Developments
    Building Data Management Solutions with Motiva
    AutoCAD Map 3.0 and its new object-oriented APIs
    3D Studio VIZ - AutoCAD Interoperability with DWG Link
    ARX Experiences
    Collaborating Objects
    ActiveX Automation for Custom Entities
    VisualLISP - First Impressions from an ObjectARX Programmer
    When Autodesk sits at your table, sequel 3

  • Proceedings of the 14th CAMP ADGE, Budapest, November 1997
    and older conference books may be available in limited quantity. Please call.

ADGE Gadgets

  • The ADGE Pin (CHF 5)

  • ADGE T-Shirt "Ride the wave of communication" (CHF 30)

  • ADGE T-Shirt "Give your application a boost" (CHF 30)

All prices include shipping and handling. Mail your order to the ADGE office Credit cards accepted.

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